I am in menopause at 36...now what?

Suffering complications after the birth of my twins causing me to go into menopause at 36, lets just say my body was like what the frig is going on. My body was fighting against me every step of the way of trying to heal and get back to feeling good! I was completely overwhelmed (natural I had twins!), tired all the time, no energy, joints killing me to name a few of my symptoms.

A year later, I was still feeling like an old piece of gum stuck on the bottom of a shoe. I had nothing “medically” wrong with me, so for the last time, I left the doctor’s office feeling down and out. It did not seem to matter how much sleep I got, I was so tired all the time! Finally, I started seeing a Naturopathic doctor and this was a turning point for me. She actually listened and was extremely empathetic towards me and how I was feeling. We worked together to get my energy back and it worked! I had energy to actually do things, I was starting to feel like myself again. It was a slow process but I was making progress, I could feel it.

Even today I am still working on eating a cleaner diet and try to be educated on whats in our food. How some foods impact how we feel each day so I can ultimately feel my best.

If you feel like something is not right with you and no one is listening, don’t give up on yourself. Keep looking until someone does listen. Know and listen to your body!